Violin: proper technique is taught through close attention to form in order to allow each student to play with ease and expression.

Music Theory: It is the studio’s belief that the study of an instrument should not be removed from its musical context. Therefore, Music Theory is taught to ensure that the student understands the basic principles underlying the music he/she is playing.

Music History: basic notions relating to composers and their respective period are taught in order to give the student a better understanding of style as it relates to a historical context.

Sight Reading: the ability to read music fluidly and translate it to playing instantly is a valuable skill to develop.


Recitals: students get to perform solo works as well as chamber music ensemble pieces at the end-of-year recital. For those who wish to perform more often, there are other performing opportunities available throughout the year.

Chamber Music: the studio strongly believes that music should not be pursued in isolation but rather, should be a social experience in which the musician learns to communicate with other fellow musicians through music. Therefore, all students receive Chamber Music training.

Evaluations: each student is strongly encouraged to participate in the yearly evaluation which entails performing, scales, an Etude and two contrasting pieces.


Certificate of Merit: as a member of the Music Teacher Association of California, the studio offers access to the Certificate of Merit program. Each student who enrolls in this program receives training in violin, music theory, music history and sight reading as well as a yearly evaluation conducted by an un-biased evaluator. The student receives valuable feedback from the evaluator and gets the opportunity to advance to higher levels. For those who are more competitive, there is an opportunity to try out for the California Convention as well as the MTAC Honor Recital but the student must receive the highest mark at their evaluation in order to be eligible.

Competitions: many of Angeline’s students have participated in local, national and international violin competitions over the past 20+ years. Many have place in competitions, and some have taken top prizes. See Angeline’s Student Awards page for a full overview of competition placements for those students of hers who decide to compete.


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